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Ying yang software

I went today to Tokyo University to attend SamurAI Coding, a coding competition event that started last year (2011) in Japan. There were many young students (max. 25 years old) hungry to do something good. I was thinking if these coders are really aware of the differences between programmers and developers (let’s say like this). Everything started with an algorithm and perfection but nowadays there is so much more that we ended up into client satisfaction. We move from a scientist field to arrive into an engineering field and even marketing field. Let`s put an example. A “performance” coder could feel horrible with the idea of simple design and not improving the performance as much as he can. How could he feel, when he is taught to have this kind of mentality, when a boss tell him to pursue simple approaches even if the performance is not the best one. We are training these people still in one single conception and view, but we have to teach them in both sides (let’s say scientist? and engineering? point of view). They need to know when performance, when maintainable. There are other variables. You could say readibility or reuse or whatever, but the thing is, there are two point of views fighting each other everyday in software, and we need to learn how to balance. These people could feel frustrated if they don’t understand the difference.