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Results of the agile course

I finished yesterday the agile course I taught. It was a very funny and interesting experience for me. I present here the details of this course and the evaluations the student did:

Total number of hours: 4.5 h.

Number of days: 3 days.

Nationalities: French, Greek, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Chinese and Japanese students.

Teams: 3

  • 3 french
  • 1 saudi arabia, 1 chinese, 2 japanese, 1 malaysian
  • 1 greek, 1 thailand, 1 chinese, 1 japanese

Participants: 12

Results of the questionnaire




Unfortunately I just had 3 classes to teach the course so some people couldn’t get all the details. A practical example is a good idea, but still, the time limit we had make that impossible. I hope in further courses I can solve this issues.

If you want me to teach the course, just let me know! I want to improve this course as much as possible!