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Agile² course

I created a course where the people has to work under certain pressure (not excesive) but at the same time they are having real fun! Before this course, I took some agile courses and they weren`t agile or I just didn’t learn enough. Heavy and cumbersome or I ended up with many questions and incapable of applying it by myself. My course is a game that at the same time combines real development (No more legos). I had the pleasure to see that it worked much better than what I expected.

I give you some notes of the course:

  • I created intentionally chaos and complexity and it worked well, but at the same time they learnt their roles, they started to work more efficiently.
  • There were three teams with different number of members (due to some issues, not intentionally, but it was more interesting at the end).
  • They got many concepts through making mistakes because I was correcting them but I didn’t spoke directly one by one and usually I annouced some errors to the general audience. They checked out and some of them realized and corrected on-the-fly. Sometimes the errors were more specific and I talked directly.
  • Every time-box was time setted and strictly we moved from one to another. People who didn’t was penalized. Penalization is always “possitive” in the sense that we give stars to the best teams.
  • The main functionalities requested was regarding arithmetics or geometry, for example. Something very simple that does’t complicate the PO and stakeholders life much. Also, they don’t need to focus on development.
  • There were three team and I explain their characteristics:
  1. 3-member team: All of them shared the same mother language. They know each other very well. They never tried agile before but they worked for several years in an student environment and they live now at the same place, so they personally know each other much better than the rest. It is impressive how language and the fact of living together improved their results (demo and agile framework) about 2 times the second team performance, even though they were less people.
  2. 4-member team: This team got the worst result. They were unlucky in many aspects. One is that 2 of them didn’t speak english very well, so they didn’t get key important aspects. The most profficient person in english was the most frustrated one since he couldn’t communicate to the others well, and he started to be pesimistic, leading everything into a worst direction. At the end they barely could demo and the team was broken.
  3. 5-member team: They made many mistakes at the beginning due to the factor that there was someone who had some idea of agile but he still didn’t know many aspects. That created some forced leadership that was impressively removed by the team once they realized they were making many mistakes due to this person. Then the team started worked more efficiently and did a good job. This team also had to deal with too many heads thinking and proposing. It was successfully removed thanks to the inner pressure of the time boxes.

I attach here the material I gave them so you can check it out.Image

If you want to train your company or universitary students in Agile, just let me know! I can provide the framework to do so, so you can work faster and improve your agile knowledge in three days. Many companies take years to master it but they usually miss a good start up. That time can be reduced! Believe me! Even if you don’t look for me, take my material and experiences and implement something alike by yourself. You will be surprised!

I have to check some technical issues:

  1. They were using Google Repository but not everyone was happy with that.
  2. I only encouraged the use of the trunk but they need to use one branch for production because they really need to upload things before integration and demo.