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How to write a paper

If you are researcher, you definitely have arrived to the point you want to suicide just because you have to write your research into a more formalized way. I felt the same with coding. I usually spent 2 hours coding and 10 hours testing in many different ways. Well, that is life, and it is how it should be done. Accepted.

Recently I realized I made way so many presentations that I could present a simple box like an awesome invention hahaha. Jokes out, I will publish here some of my presentations so maybe it can help you say you my work (I know how life works, it is OK).

Today I will publish the one I made when I was learning how to write a paper. MY WEAKNESS, DEFINITELY.

In this presentation I summarized a great article:

Whitesides, G. M. (2004). Whitesides’ Group: Writing a Paper. Advanced Materials, 16(15), 1375–1377. doi:10.1002/adma.200400767

and I think I added some of my experiences (This was long time ago so I don’t remember well).

Here the link: how to write a paper