Impact Mapping, will it rule over?

What is impact mapping? For me, the first idea that came to my mind while reading how to make an impact map ( is those days I was studying Goal, Question, Metric ( Everything seemed very beautiful with GQM, though at the end I have never seen it in the industry. I have studied so many things in many years to just realize they were “obsolete” the year after. What the theory says is good and what is really used differs so much that I understood very well the terms de facto and de iure.

Nevertheless, I have the feeling that Impact Mapping can have a good impact in the industry (hehe well, what a name! I promise I did not joke like that intentionally). From my short experience, good things won’t enter the industry if there are not one of these two set of factors happening (or both):

* The engineer factors: Simplicity, easy to use, useful, satisfaction. So we us it. (So if we want to convince an engineer we do not talk about profit, we talk about simplicity, elegance, etc.)

* The business factors: Savings. Profit. Marketing. Other companies use X by trend, so as we do. (So if we want to convince a bussines man, we talk about savings, profit, marketing, etc.)

I think Impact Mapping is simple and strikes a very important point that is, how we can have a traditional big company with old values and old management and old mentality having an IT department with new ideas, new mentality, new approaches. We have to be or old styled companies or new styled companies, but being in the middle usually is not a good option.

But let’s see if it goes berserk in the industry :D.


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