Japaneses finding a job/working in Japan

Japanese companies are different.

I was talking with one of my lab mates and he explained to me some details of how japanese people find a job in Japan. I was surprised. And I actually knew many details about it before. I suppose I still cannot accept my country is so retarded in this kind of things (Or too clever and evil…). But it is.

First, japaneses find the company they want to join and not one position that they want to perform, about 1 year to 2 years before graduating (only during April, because there is no need to hire any other moment). If you have a Master or preparation in general, you are well considered (I know it’s crazy, but believe me…). There are different philosophies but I think usually they have to perform some tests if they don’t have experience. Well, another one right?. Also, they ask you about your future. What do you want to do here? Your plans?. Hehehe, crazy. Once they surprinsingly answer sincerely (my lab mates at least did), they may get the job. If not that one, another one (4% of unemployment of people don’t want to work on some positions). If they get it, the company will offer him/her several options. “Do you want to work in an office or as an engineer?”. You have to be kidding me. I suppose they don’t have problems to fill vacants with this attitude. And then, everyone finish their master or bachelor meanwhile the company wait. Spanish companies, learn!. They trust their people. They trust they will perform 100% and they trust they will stay almost forever in the company. I will, if they get such a nice contracts and future perspectives. After several years, if you perform correctly (polite and socially talented in general), you get better positions (if they want, because not always they want). And that’s it, you die later, without turnover or being fired (in general).


I met many people. We cannot even imagine how much talent have our country. All wasted due to many factors. Young people, move out from Spain at least for 5 years. It is true that in Japan they spend many hours working. But they consider working going to drink with your boss too. It is part of the job too! They consider their company their clan, their guild, their future, because they can.

NOTICE: This is completely biased. My information comes from Keio students in general. FYI, Keio is a priviledged private university, top in Japan, founded by the person who appears in the 10.000 yen bill. And no…, I am not rich at all.


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