Assumptions? How can we introduce agile better?

I`ve been in this country for more than 10 months. I mean Japan. I have been working with japaneses in a daily basis and I realized the specific details of their culture. Keio or Todai or NTT or Hitachi or whatever, I found myself in a completely different culture of work. They are not like us and we are not like them (well, in my case I would say I am mediterranean guy since I realized while living here how close greek, italians or even turkish are to me in comparison with asians in general). Also, mediterranean people suffer some gap with anglo cultures. But it is not so big. I have read about it. Nevertheless, frameworks/methods or whatever are barely adapted to different cultures. I wonder if we are assuming some kind of things. I explain myself. I am andalusian, and I worked in a big company for more than one year. In this company, I realized how low is the trust that client and developers have back there in Andalusia. Before starting, everyone was assuming the things will go wrong and they will sue each other irremediably. So everyone signed many documents, created several other ones to feel protected. And of course they were right. It happened. Nevertheless, I don`t have this feeling in Japan. They do document, but they do it for other reasons. They like to have everything well established and controlled. Here we go then. There are agile methodologies. I have seen their awesome way of working (well, I have to forget my previous job where they used agile, or say so), but I still don`t know how they can penetrate in some societies in an easier way. The curve to introduce agile is more steady in some countries. Countries like US developed a very awesome way for being proactives. They do risk, they are ambitious to get money, and they do try. Not so easy near the mediterraneum.

I state: “To introduce agile we need to identify the needs and worries of the society, understand it and deal with these society needs with the framework proposed as a normal thing.”

Ok, I will put it some other way. I came to Japan with my bag of important things. I was in Japan, one of the safest places in the world but my bag was in front of me and if someone touch it, I rapidly reacted to see who is this person and what are their intentions. I am not special. We are taught like that, believe me. It is an inner stuff deep in your brain. Well, it took me months to leave my laptop alone a few minutes for going to the toilet. There are witnesses. In Japan, yes. You may not believe it, but that is how we survive back in my place. I remember my good asian friend who came to Spain to study and enjoy our culture and got robbed 3 times. 2 good cameras stolen! She told me what happened and I tough, obviously. What does this fact to do with agile? We are different, and we need to point different issues too. I believe there is a need here to introduce agile in a better way. Every andalusian person have been told hundred of million of times don`t trust people. So companies don`t neither. And it is survival.


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