New values growing up

Cultures make the difference. I come from Spain but I live in Japan and I have seen that there is a common misunderstanding in many things no matter where you live. If a bussiness person is taught in old values, is scared, don’t trust their people, etc. engineers cannot move forward in creating better software systems. There are only a few brave managers. Nowadays in engineering, new values and concepts come out frequently and even though they have been widely proved, many companies are still reticent to move forward and try new things. You will not survive as a company if you stay static. Your engineers are your resources and you have to trust their knowledge because they pursue in win-win relationtionships. The things that you learnt in the University are not dogmas. Be intelligent and move forward, as many other companies did. At the end, technologies are always about new things. Engineering values and ideas appears much faster than in any other field.

Similar when you learnt physics without the needed math level and at the end, you couldn’t enjoy physics. Managers are one step behind and that is necessary to change.


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