Measure is a double edged weapon

Measuring is a double-edge weapon if you don’t know when to stop. It is like knowing ourselves. Knowing myself helped me when I was studying my career. It helped me to avoid common mistakes I usually made. For example, I knew I always tried to solve everything by myself, without asking. That made me think twice whenever I was dealing with something I didn’t know, so I asked other people about it. That improved my scores and knowing myself helped me out. Same with software. Knowing yourself is necessary but think about this, would you pass the exams if you don’t study the subject itself and you focus on knowing yourself? The answer is no. Same analogy happens with software. That is why you should measure the things that may bring you more trouble and save the game through fully working delivered software. Yes, and you will feel relax after saving!

Don’t let many data or certain obsessions to overwhelm you! The client don’t care about measures. They care about results.



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